Tips for Your First Mud Run from “Dirty Girl”

Tips for First-Time Mud Runners

Recently I have noticed my friends posting photos of themselves on Facebook & Twitter after a “mud run” and must say I am now officially intrigued by the idea. Even though I identify myself as more of a cyclist than a runner it really sounds like fun to get all messy with a group of friends while getting in an excellent workout. (What’s happening to me? I used to be the laziest person alive!)

So it was fortuitous when the folks at Dirty Girl Mud Run (the largest women-only 5K mud and obstacle run series) let me know about their just published 2014 schedule. I asked them for their favorite tips for the average “mud run beginner” and here they are. (Many thanks for Dirty Girl for their help with this!)

1. To train… or not to train

Because Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run and Obstacle Course is geared towards women of ALL fitness levels, no training is needed.  Yes, we’re serious.  However, if you simply cannot wrap your cardio-obsessed, cross-training head around that statement, REMAIN CALM!  By all means, continue your Latin-infused Zumba moves and box jumping sessions.  You and your tightly toned sidekicks will be the belles of the muddy ball.  And for those of you who have no idea what the words “cardio” and “cross-training” mean, fear not. You and your gal pals shall also reign muddily supreme.

2. What to wear:

  • Moisture wicking clothes (think spandex, not cotton!) to keep you light and as dry as possible
  • Undies…yep, we said it. Wearing your undies allows you to easily change after you’ve gone from the rinse station to the changing tent so you don’t have to get down to your birthday suit!
  • Shoes to donate after the run (if you choose) to one of our sponsors who will clean them up and donate to people in need (helloooo, new pair!)
  • Duct tape around your shoes to keep them from getting stuck in the mud

3. What to pack:

  • A bag, backpack or tote that you won’t mind getting a little muddy. You’ll check it at our complimentary gear check!
  • Towel – to dry off after the rinse station
  • Change of clothes – so you can get clean to party it up
  • Flip flops – easy to switch to from your muddy tennis
  • Plastic bag to store your muddified clothes
  • Ziploc baggie to store your cell phone, keys…whatever you absolutely don’t want to get muddy!
  • Cash for parking and food and drinks at the after-party. Plus, shopping! Visit our      merchandise tent for tops, jackets and swag (cash and credit accepted…clean      clothes, anyone?)
  • Your ticket printed from Eventbrite
  • A valid ID to check in and get an adult beverage if you’re 21+

5. Rise and shine

Get your glutes to the venue at least 60 – 90 minutes prior to your start time. Why? You’re going to need to park, check in, check your gear, pin on your race bib (seriously, you’d be amazed at how time-consuming this can be for some!), take advantage of pre-mud photo ops, stretch, kiss your loved ones and psych yourself up with some music, all before you even think about maneuvering your way through the mud!

Have you ever done a mud run? What are your favorite tips for a newbie?




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