Hi, we’re SweatGuru

and we’re revolutionizing the fitness experience.

How it all got started

SweatGuru was created by Jamie Walker and Alyse Mason-Brill, marketing experts, athletes and cousins who are on a lifelong mission to help make the world more fit.

The path to Sweat Guru started when Jamie and Alyse’s Fit Approach boot camp was expanding from a hobby into a thriving business.


Through trial and error, they found that there was no easy, affordable technology solution to do seemingly simple things like manage student reservations, promote their classes online, communicate easily with clients or collect payments. As fitness consumers, they also longed for a way to discover a great new spin studio or see where a favorite yoga instructor was teaching nearby.

In the spirit of Silicon Valley, Jamie and Alyse jumped in head first to create a place where people could discover, book and pay for fitness classes online and where fitness professionals could manage and grow their business.

SweatGuru was born.

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Our Sweaty Crew

We sweat hard. We play hard.

  • Jamie Walker
    CEO and Co-founder
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  • Alyse Mason-Brill
    CPO and Co-founder
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  • Jeremy Mason-Herr
    Lead Engineer
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We’re Getting Some Ink

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    10.30.13: SweatGuru Launches in SF, NY, LA
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