Truve is a beautiful new space for getting sweaty

Just before I moved to Austin, my friend (and sweat pink ambassador) Brittany invited me to join her at Truve, a brand new fitness studio in Oakland, and of course I jumped at the chance to try a new class and check out a new space and soak in all the bay area goodness I […]

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#SanFrancisco Sweat Challenge on Saturday, 1/31

Work off your Superbowl Sunday pre-game style with the Sweat Challenge, Marina vs. SOMA fitness on January, 31 from 12-2.

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Get 50% off of the Fabulous New Uforia Studio Coming to #SanFrancisco!

We’re super pumped to announce that the Palo Alto-based fitness studio, Uforia Studios, has decided to open up a new studio right here in San Francisco! Our very own Jamie Walker had an amazing experience earlier this week at the Palo Alto location when she checked out a revolutions class, so we know the new studio […]

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Uforia Studios coming to San Francisco!

The Sweat Guru team reviews Uforia Studios, a boutique fitness studio that will open its doors in San Francisco in February 2015.

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3 Tried & True Tips for Expanding Your Client Base

Whether you’re the new kid on the block or trying your hand at going solo, competing with large, established gyms and popular, high-budget studios can be a daunting task. Attracting and retaining regular clients might just be one of the most difficult parts of your job. But there is hope, according to Richard, director of […]

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Urban Yogi: Top Three Tips for Claiming Your Unique Piece of the Yoga Market

Are you an urban yogi? If so, you’re not alone — in fact, an estimated 20 million people practice yoga in the United States alone. Over the past several decades, yoga has climbed in popularity from a niche practice to a mainstream fitness activity. In most major metropolitan areas in the United States, yoga studios […]

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Studio Spotlight: How Informed Body Stays a Step Ahead

Jill Harris, owner of Informed Body in San Francisco, has been dancing through the fitness industry for more than 20 years. With a background in classical dance and Pilates, Jill has cultivated her own brand of exclusive classes and carved out her own niche in the ever-growing fitness market. In fact, despite San Francisco’s notoriously-crowded […]

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Seattle’s LAB5 Fitness Has Great Workouts Down to a Science

On our third day of touring classes and connecting with fit pros and business owners around the city of Seattle, The Guru Crew learned a very important lesson: There’s Pilates. And then there’s the Power Reformer Pilates-based workout from LAB5 Fitness.

When we met with them earlier in the week, LAB5 owners Alan and Bonnie invited […]

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Celebrating Summer, Seattle-Style, with Urban Yoga Spa

As you know, SweatGuru hit the Pacific Northwest this week with a swing through Seattle to connect with local studio owners, fit pros and industry influencers, plus to sample a smorgasbord of the city’s hottest workouts.

But what we didn’t expect was a little math lesson along the way:

Sunny Seattle summer weather + a vibrant fitness scene […]

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Playing Real-Life Action Heroes at Parkour Visions in Seattle

Usually we’re trying to step out of the box when it comes to familiarizing ourselves with all different kinds of workouts here at SweatGuru. Other times we have to figure out a way over that box.

Enter Parkour, a a holistic training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. This, folks, is functional fitness at […]

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