The Power of Unlocking your True Voice

This is a guest post from SweatGuru mindfulness pro, Carolan Deacon, an Illuminating Songstress and Truth Guide for women who desire a deeper connection to Beauty and the spiritual quality of their own True Voice and living in the freedom of this Truth.

I invite you to begin to become mindful of how you use your voice each day. Do you use it to express your own Truths? Do you use it to communicate the desires of your heart?

It can be a challenge to say exactly what you mean to someone, and even to become 100% honest with yourself.

But I can promise you this: when you become mindful and consciously aware of living in True Voice you align with your best life possible. Things fall into place effortlessly that may have eluded you before. Let me help you strengthen your True Voice.

I want to share a few powerful practices that will help you speak your Truth with ease.

Exercise No. 1: Body Scan Awareness

Set a timer for 5 minutes and find a comfortable spot to sit upright. For these 5 minutes, you simply scan your body, noting how each part feels in this moment. Begin with your feet and go all the way to your head….you are witnessing your physical sensations purposely and fully.

This is important because your central nervous system can only receive new experiences at the rate in which it can notice bodily sensations…take it in…slow down…receive. Find time for this as you can during the week.

Exercise No. 2: Archetypes

Read over the descriptions below; which do you most closely resemble?

  • Empowered: Speaks her Truth with effortless ease and she has an innate sense of her strength and personal freedom. She often finds herself using her voice to help those who do not have a Voice. She stands on a solid, strong foundation of her own personal Truths and because of this, she is fearless. She does not give concern to what others may say or think of her. She believes the affirmation of “I can take care of myself”. “I can speak for my true self.” Warrior knows the power of circling with other women in a protected journey where she can have her cup filled.
  • Silenced: Sometimes acts in fear by using her voice as a defensive means to protect herself and if she feels severely threatened she may sometimes use her words/thoughts on the offensive and say things she does not really mean and that can be painful. She may have trouble creating and enforcing healthy boundaries in her work and personal life. She is sometimes uncertain what her deepest Truths are.

The reality is this: The quality of your relationships, your honesty with yourself, your joy factor, your income and your sense of fulfillment are only as good as your ability to speak and live your TRUTH.

Erroneous beliefs can hold you hostage because they are always untrue but you live as if they ARE true. Give it a name, this something that pulls you back each time you begin to speak or move forward. Give it a name, this something that keeps your True Voice muffled.

In past, some of my names were fear of: being unloved, being alone, being in physical harm, being fussed at or admonished, losing what I hold dear, losing financial security and many more. I looked them over after writing them out and saw that what I was most afraid of: harsh illusions held inside of erroneous thought.

No wrong can come from speaking your True Voice. No harm can come from living in your Truth.

Exercise No. 3: Journaling

In your journal, write down the name from above, whatever phrase you give it. Beside it write, “This is NOT Truth. I am exposing this mistruth and I am releasing it from my story. I embrace living only from my Truth from now on.”

Exercise No. 4: Strengthen Your True Voice

A powerful tool that I use with my coaching clients and in Empowered Voice Coalition is Empowered Warrior Pose 1. This pose ensures expanded ribcage for good airflow and empowered feeling as you speak.

As you get ready to speak, stand with feet about shoulder’s width apart and slightly bend your knees. Keep your arms slightly away from your body by bringing them to your side and raising the hand about 6 inches in a relaxed pose.

A second powerful tool I share with my clients is Empowered Warrior Pose 2. When you are speaking, check in with your head and neck and make sure that your head is at eye level with your chin ever so slightly tilted downward. This ensures open and relaxed throat chakra and a sense of empowerment.

Many times when we are tense we tilt our head upward and that stretches our neck and constricts our throat, feeling and appearing like we are asking permission to be heard. No way, mamasita!

You are here to be heard and loved.

Carolan Deacon

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