Jazz hands in NYC: Dance, Motivation, Fitness (DMF)

Alyse and I were lucky to wrap-up the workout portion of our NYC trip with a class at DMF (Dance Motivation Fitness). We were both a little terrified but excited about the prospect of doing a cardio dance class. We had heard that Lindi, the wonderful instructor, was amazing but I wasn’t sure if anyone would be amazing enough to get me looking fly on the dance floor.

Fortunately for us, Lindi was everything we could have wanted and more. She was extremely welcoming and encouraging and made us all feel like we were awesome (even when looking in the mirror would suggest otherwise). We did a mixture of latin dance moves, 80’s, and pop hits (um, Britney’s new single).

It was funny because I felt the most comfortable during the 80’s dance portions of the class. I guess you really can’t take the 80’s out of me. Running man, I got you. Jazz  hands, uh huh.

The best thing about Lindi’s classes is that they are not only incredibly fun and full of high energy positivity from Lindi, they will also make you sweat like you’ve never sweat before. Seriously, I almost slipped in a puddle of my own sweat.

If you want to feel fly in NYC (even if you dance like me) and want a super fun and amazing workout, try Lindi’s Dance Fitness Motivation classes.

For more on Lindi’s fabulous DMF classes, visit her here:

Website: www.dmfnyc.com

Twitter: @dmfnyc



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